Teaching Our Children

First Christian Church is a community ready to join you as you follow God’s commandment to teach your children to Love God. In fact, helping families ground their children in the love that Jesus has for them is the core mission of our congregation.

Every parent wants their children to grow up strong and secure in the world. We are certain that the foundation of a secure adult is a child who was taught to embrace their natural spirituality and to learn the teachings of their religion as given to us through the teachings of Jesus.

At First Christian Church faith is built with children in our lively and spirited Sunday School classes. Our corps of volunteer teachers bring their creative and professional experience to the classroom in hands-on learning, song and art to invite children to explore the lessons of the Bible.

Our summer Vacation Bible School is a community tradition that has captured the imaginations of our young people and the young at heart for decades.

Children are welcome in our services and in our fellowship activities designed to bring them into both the adult community of the church and to introduce them to the camaraderie of their peers.

Special events for the holy days of Christmas and Easter bring children into the spotlight of these special services. The traditions of tree-trimming and Easter Egg hunts are traditions at First Christian that are as old as the congregation itself.

We invite you to explore our traditions and our Sunday School for your children. And we invite you to join your children in this joyous exploration of finding God’s love by volunteering your creative energy to this sacred responsibility of teaching our children.


You shall love God…

With all your mind. With all your soul. With all your being. And those words, “You Shall Love God,” shall beat in your heart.

And you will teach your children everywhere you go with them to love God. And you will speak these words when you are at home and when you are in the community.

You will keep reminders of these words with you on your hands and wear them as a crown on your head. And you will write them on your doors and gates so that you will see them as you come and go.

You will remind yourself and teach your children to love God and you will be holy to God.

Deuteronomy 6:4-7