Missions – Our Support & Work

First Christian Church in Byrdstown provides financial assistance to several missions and ministries that have been chosen by the Missions Committee. Currently, First Christian Church is dedicating 10% of our annual budget to the following missions:

We not only offer our financial support, we believe that our physical participation in mission work as well as our prayers for those working in missions throughout the world is of genuine importance. Jesus told his disciples to go forth to spread the good news of salvation, and the disciples not only taught salvation through faith, they helped to minister to the needs of those they encountered on their travels.

Smoky Mountain Christian Camp

First Christian Church takes children to this camp on an annual basis and supports this ministry financially. http://www.smccamp.com/

Rock Solid Ministries

Rock Solid Ministries has conducted revivals at First Christian Church in Byrdstown and many churches throughout the United States and Canada. First Christian Church supports this ministry financially as Rock Solid Ministries, led by Evangelists Tom Weaver and Greg Strickland, is reaching so many churches, leading to so many decisions and baptisms throughout the U.S. and Canada. This ministry is truly carrying out Jesus’ Great Commission. https://www.rocksolidministries.org/

Central Christian College of the Bible

John Stone II, First Christian Church of Byrdstown’s minister for eight years, until 2019, attended and graduated from this college which produces new ministers for God’s Kingdom. FCC, Byrdstown supports this college financially through our dedicated Missions Funding. http://www.cccb.edu/

Byrdstown Senior Citizen’s Center

Byrdstown’s Senior Citizen Center, located in the Byrdstown Community Center, helps Senior Citizens in so many ways including a daily lunch through the week and many of our church’s wisest and most senior members participate in the activities at the Senior Center.  Therefore, FCC Byrdstown supports this organization financially through our dedicated Missions Funding. 

Pickett County Food Bank

The Family Resource Center provides a link services offered in our community in one location.  It houses the Pickett County Food Bank as well as a small clothes closet.  The Family Resource Center is located in the white building adjacent to the Board of Education on Skyline Drive in Byrdstown. There is no charge for services provided by the Family Resource Center. https://bit.ly/2JGRW43

Tijuana Christian Mission

Their vision is to serve God through serving the needy children of Mexico – children who come from broken homes or from no home at all, who have learned to make a life for themselves on the streets. City of Refuge children’s home provides a loving family environment for children who have seen and experienced abuse, neglect and extreme poverty. This “family” currently consists of about 70 children and 20 “parents,” otherwise known as staff members, who work together to meet not only the physical needs of the children but their emotional and spiritual needs as well. 


Thailand Friend Church

The Friend Church…..

Local Benevolence Funding

Local Benevolence funding is used by the Missions Committee to help local causes and people who are in need within our church or within our community. These funds have been used over the years to provide someone with food or shelter or financial assistance when there has been a bonafide need determined by our Missions Committee.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit?”

– Matthew 28:19

Photos and Memories – Missions & Outreach

2014 FCC Mission Trip to Maytown, Kentucky

2014 FCC Mission Trip to Maytown, Kentucky

In August 2014  we joined forces with CrossRoads Missions to do a local /domestic mission trip. We had the pleasure of working with local residents on home improvement projects to help better their living situations. About CrossRoads Missions Above all else...

2016 – FCC Mission Trip to Rosarito and Tijuana Christian Missions

2016 – FCC Mission Trip to Rosarito and Tijuana Christian Missions

In April of 2016 we traveled to Tijuana Mexico to share God’s word and work for those in need at Tijuana Christian Mission. We had the pleasure to work with Children ages 2 and up at both orphanages to and work on projects that were needed at each location. About TCM...