Who doesn’t love to open the mailbox and find a letter?  Seeing that it comes from your grandparents makes it even better! We at First Christian Church hope you enjoy this series of posts called “Ramblings from Your Grandparents.” Maybe you will be inspired to write some ramblings of your own!

Dear Grandkids,

We are growing a bit more nostalgic with each passing day knowing that our eldest grandchild will soon be among the honored high school graduates and then off to college – the first of our beloved grandchildren to push off from the safe, secure shores of home into the stormy sea of life. And yet, our hearts rejoice in the realization that life stretches before her…unknown, unchallenged, and undoubtedly exciting. Grandpa says that children are born to grow up and leave home and that parents’ responsibilities are to prepare for that good and glorious occasion. Grandpa is right!

Leaving Home

I remember the day I “left home.” It was a LONG time ago….and yet it seems but yesterday. Though I hadn’t given it much thought then, I now know that my parents had prepared me very well for that day. They had taught me the finest of virtues by mouth and life. Your Great-grandpa cried as I prepared to go saying he had wanted to give me so much more than he had been able. He had wanted me to have things and go places, but the money had just not been available. Dad and Mom were sending me off to college with a new winter coat and only enough money in my pocket for one quarter of schooling, $50.00, and then I would be “on my own.”

Somehow, even at the age of 17, I knew the gift of poverty was worth so much more than that which wealth can buy. I wonder what kind of a person I might have been had “things” been so readily available in my youth? Ahhhhh, already your old Grandma is wandering! Annie will leave home this year, and Lord willing, another grandchild will step out into society just about every year until the world welcomes all of you grandkids. Perhaps Grandpa and I will live long enough to see each of you wear a tassel and gown and receive a diploma, perhaps not. As much as we want to be a part of your lives and rejoice with you in the special moments, that really isn’t so very important. What IS important is that you walk with God. That’s our prayer for each of you.

Grandpa’s Story

Grandpa told a wonderful story in last Sunday’s sermon. I’ve known him for many years, been married to him for 41, but it was news to me. It was the telling of that story and the obvious impact it had upon our church family that put the gears of my mind into motion, and because of that I begin these “ramblings.” Letter writing is one of my favorite things to do. A letter can contain the latest news of loved ones, plans and dreams for the future, inner thoughts of the writer, inquiries of the one to whom the letter is written, some light-hearted incidents, some sad ones, too, at times, and perhaps occasionally a bit of advice. And so, I begin these ramblings to you, dear grandchildren, each of you a beautiful eternal spirit! What a gift you have been to Grandpa and me!

I have many and wonderful memories of my grandparents, but Grandpa doesn’t remember his. Our own children had little opportunity to be with theirs. Grandpa and I never dreamed we would have the privilege of watching you grow up so close to us. That has been a very special “plus” in our lives for which we thank your parents. I remember the joy of hearing our little ones, each in turn, learn to say “Daddy” and then “Mommy,” but I don’t think anything thrilled my heart so much as the first time I heard a tiny voice say, “Grandma.”

No Matter What We’re Called, We Cherish It

Several of you called both Grandpa and me “Grandpa” for a LONG time until you figured out the difference. I never minded. Still, today, I love to hear you speak my “name.” You older grandchildren will probably remember that as your youngest brother and sister came along I would scoop them into my arms and say “Hi, Bobby, this is your old Grandma!” or “Hi, Ruthie, I’m your old Grandma!” And so, by way of paper and pen, I scoop you into my heart and say, “Hi kids, this is your old Grandma!”