A Tribute to Ted Avant 

April 7, 1941 – February 10, 2021

     Bro. Ted, as we all called him was truly ‘a man after God’s own heart’.  He shared so much of himself with our congregation while he was our minister.  He made his ‘rounds’ almost everyday, checking on his sheep.  Robbins Auto, B & K, my office…..He just wanted to be among us not only for church services, but in our daily lives.  I can hear him say to us,  no matter how you make a living, you are a christian first.  The first picture was the day we dedicated the property when we added on to the church. Doug and Ted encircling the tree was the day we visited Ted and Marie’s family after they moved to Corinth.  They took us to Shiloh State Park .Then there is the one when Ted rode the donkey in our VBS promotion parade.  Ted is in the mansion prepared for him, well, and his mind is clear and he is dwelling in the presence of the King!

By Rhonda Elder

Ted Avant was the minister at  First Christian Church from 1983-1987.